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Literarischer Salon Spezial: Erdmöbel

Ein Gesprächskonzert

Moderation: Guy Helminger and Navid Kermani

Since 2005, Guy Helminger and Navid Kermani have been inviting writers they are enthusiastic about to their Literary Salon in Cologne's Stadtgarten. The guest reads from his own books, but also brings texts that are particularly important to him. After the break he presents what else moves him: records, pictures, videos or what other writers negotiate when readings are actually over.

"The charm of this series of events lies in its openness. Unlike a conventional reading, there is a relaxed conviviality in which truths are quickly revealed." (Cologne Review)

This time with me: earth furniture

There are bands where you ask yourself, are the songs more beautiful, the lyrics smarter, the arrangements weirder or the musicians cooler? With the earth furniture, the answer is natural: it is a Gesamtkunstwerk in which German profundity is suddenly fun, earwigs never start to annoy you and you dance to avant-garde lyricism. They have conquered Germany's concert halls from Cologne and have been inspiring critics and fans for over twenty years now.

In the Literary Salon they will talk about their poems, become the music or vice versa. The fact that singer and lyricist Markus Berges himself is a successful novelist (A long letter to September Nowak and others) certainly doesn't go unmentioned. And of course the earth furniture also plays, tries, improvises and explains what cannot be explained with words. Because as the Rolling Stone said: "Of course you don't need a manual for the songs of Erdmöbel. You need a head, a heart and the hope that it will make a difference if you use both."

Wed, 09.10.2019
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concert hall Start 20:30

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