Manu Delago © Pascal Triponez

Manu Delago © Pascal Triponez

Manu Delago

Das Konzert ist reihenbestuhlt - es erfolgt eine feste Sitzplatzvergabe über den Vorverkauf bzw. die Abendkasse sowie die Kontaktdatenerfassung zur Rückverfolgbarkeit. Die Mund-Nasen-Bedeckungspflicht gilt auch auf den Sitzplätzen während des Konzerts. Die geltenden Hygienevorschriften im Haus sind zu beachten.

Grammy-nominated percussionist and composer Manu Delago is back with a new album and his biggest live show yet. Circadian (release: 13.9.2019 / One Little Indian Records) is an acoustic journey through the different sleep cycles, from REM to light and deep sheep to an abrupt awakening - inspired by the circadian rhythm of man and Delago's personal sleep deprivation during his numerous international tours with Björk, Olafur Arnalds, Cinematic Orchestra and Anoushka Shankar.

"Before the work on this album began, I was on tour intensively for several months and travelled all over five continents. It felt like I was with four bands at the same time and in my dreams all the music and crews started to mix. I found it extremely exciting how my brain tried to process these many events in my sleep. During the REM phase, the brain is very creative and I was grateful for every minute of sleep to help me master this stressful time."

It was not until 2018 that Manu Delago released his award-winning mountain and music film Parasol Peak, in which he and his ensemble performed live under extreme conditions on the mountain and, together with a film and audio crew, combined this expedition into a Gesamtkunstwerk. This special experience in team spirit and making music together in dizzy heights motivated Manu Delago to put together a new ensemble for Circadian to make the album and live show a unique acoustic journey.

After his electronically-played predecessors Silver Kobalt and Metromonk, it is still the urban sound worlds that inspire Manu Delago, but these are increasingly found in acoustic forms. One reason for this was the discovery of numerous new percussive instruments from Vietnam, Russia, Turkey and Indonesia on his worldwide concert tours. "I wanted to make the elements of electronic music audible through acoustic instruments. Clarinets and the accordion should replace the warm sound of an analog synthesizer. Strings and brass instruments create an orchestral and at the same time intimate character."

Wed, 30.09.2020
Concert Highlight!

Electronica, experimentelle Popmusik

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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