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Markus Stockhausen: WILD LIFE

Der VVK ist beendet. Es sind noch Restkarten (Stehplätze) an der Abendkasse erhältlich.

Markus Stockhausen has assembled outstanding musicians in this septet. In 2018 this formation met for the first time at the WDR Jazz Fest in Gütersloh. Nevertheless these musicians are for Markus "old acquaintances", on whose interplay and intimate understanding he can rely absout. This is the only way to make the adventure of the intuitive game a success.

Markus Stockhausen is known for his different approaches with ensembles of Intuitive Music, he recorded many CDs in this way. He is regarded as the European protagonist of Intuitive Music and one of the most distinguished trumpeters in the world.

Thu, 10.10.2019
Concert Highlight!

Markus Stockhausen (tp, flh, electronics), Simon Stockhausen (key, sax, electronics), Florian Weber (p, electronics), Martin Stegner (va), Michelangelo Flammia (eb), Christian Thomé (dr, electronics), Bodek Janke (dr, tabla)

Jazz, Elektronische Musik, Zeitgenössische Musik, Intuitive Musik

concert hall Start 20:00

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