Paul Heller invites Dutch Jazz Collective

The Dutch jazz scene may be small, but it is extremely vital and definitely worth listening to! Since the mid-1950s at the latest, a new generation of musicians has developed who have further developed traditional swing, bebop and West Coast, created their own modern style and to this day set exciting accents in almost all varieties of contemporary jazz. Hardly anyone is more familiar with the world-renowned jazz scene in the Netherlands than Paul Heller, who has cultivated and still cultivates intensive musical relationships with the greats of "Dutch Jazz" - and at the same time always comes up with promising new discoveries. This is also the case now in his series "Paul Heller invites", in which he regularly invites guests with whom he has a strong personal connection: This time Paul Heller invites the Dutch Jazz Collective from Rotterdam on stage.
Within a very short time, this big band has become a creative gathering place for the best young jazz musicians from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Powerfully grooving, delicately swinging, sometimes balladic, sometimes soulful or hip: the Large Ensemble dives deep into the jazz tradition in order to make it its own with self-confidence, competence and soulfulness. Founded by Bart van der List and Sander Smeets, the Dutch Jazz Collective plays mainly their own compositions and arrangements, which has since given rise to an astonishing repertoire of music from three generations. Only last year the brilliant debut album "Generations" was premiered at the North Sea Jazz Festival, now the Collective brings a brand new program to the Stadtgarten, exclusively with original compositions by Paul Heller and Ilja Reijngoud - as a perfect showcase for a magnificent big band sound.

Sun, 19.03.2023

Bart van der List, Wim Both, Niels van Willigen, Tom Ridderbeekx, Ian Cleaver (trumpet), Ilja Reijngoud, Alex van Abeelen, Sam Thomas, Gregor Sperzel, Berend van de Gurp (trombone), Paul Heller, Donald Simoen, Mo van der Does, Jesse Schilderink, Frank Groenendijk, Emilio Tritto (saxophone), Robert Koemans (piano), Wouter van Deventer (guitar), Matheus Nicolaiewsky (bass), Sander Smeets (drums), Nils van Haften (conductor)


concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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