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Entnazifizierung 2.0 - Was haben wir aus unserer Geschichte gelernt?

Robert Stadlober reads from Geissler's novel "Inquiry"

Marcel Reich-Ranicki called Christian Geissler's novel "Inquiry" "passionate and reckless, radical and aggressive, angry and uninhibited" when it appeared. The novel "is indeed distinguished by a holy anger" (Ulrich Gutmai, taz, on the 2023 new edition).
In view of the crimes of National Socialism, he asks about the "guilt of concealment," the "negligence in thinking" and the "inattention of fear." Can this book from 1960 still contribute today to questioning the way we deal with National Socialism, anti-Semitism and racism and to strengthening an effective anti-fascism?

Detlef Grumbach provides information about the life and work of Christian Geissler. Robert Stadlober reads from the novel. Afterwards we ask about the necessity of a "denazification 2.0". In the 1950s, the "denazification" initiated by the Allies seemed to be finished with the conviction of a few Nazi representatives. Personal responsibility across the board was not addressed. And today?

The author Özlem Özgül Dündar and the historian and memorial educator Dr. Dirk Lukaßen will discuss. It will be moderated by Dr. Ursula Reuter (Germania Judaica).

In cooperation with Christian-Geissler-Gesellschaft, Germania Judaica - Kölner Bibliothek zur Geschichte des Deutschen Judentums, Verein EL-DE-Haus.

Tue, 10.10.2023


jaki Start 19:30 Doors 19:00

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